Tips for the Long Term Unemployed

Not being employed in a company for a year or more can cause serious problems to your career, that’s because employers have a tendency to be cynical about job applicants that match certain profiles or stereotypes. But never fear because if you’re clever, you can actually get yourself back into employment.

RalliedHRHere are a few tips:


Obviously by now your skills are corroded and the right move is to gain new ones, but first you need to know the right kind of skills that the company you’re applying a job in requires. So, do a bit of research and enrol in at least 2 skills to upgrade your stats and get the job you want! For instance, the type of company that you’re applying a job in is a tech company, then the right skills to get are computer-related skills such as computer programming, web/mobile applications, hardware/software troubleshooting and other information technology skills.

Retrain for free

There free seminars andRalliedHR webminars that you can attend and gain knowledge and skills that are related to your coursework. Attend the ones that suits your degree back in college as this will seem like a refresher course and will help you grease up those old cogs and wheels.

Be upfront

Don’t worry about the reasons why you skipped going to the office for so long, as long as you’re truthful about it, employers are not that strict at all if you give a valid reason. It would be an added bonus if you’re reason for coming back is to make up for that lost time. It shows your enthusiasm and employers like that.

Be enthusiastic

Of course I have to assume that you have, in fact, worked in a different company in the past before you hang your cape, so you can relate to the employer about your attributes and skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving that have helped the previous company you were in and how you can translate those things to the new employer today. This will make the employer think and consider your application seriously and will give you a chance to get back in your game.

Consider temporary work

However, in case the above advice didn’t work, then it’s time to bet on the smaller tables and you can work as a pizza delivery guy or girl. Or a store keeper in a small or family-ownedRalliedHR grocery store or anything similar; while looking for jobs in your coursework. Once a new job opening pops up, then you go and grab the opportunity to move up in the career ladder again.

Consider unglamorous sectors

You can also sidestep the current trend and go to the unglamorous sector. You’ll find plenty of jobs in the recycling industry – this one especially since it does not require experience – which are paying employees decently. A helper or a driver’s mate is also another underdog job in the job market but is relatively easy to do and pays good too!

Contact a former employer

If you were in good terms with your employer back when you left your old job and he understood the reason why you left, then you might find an opportunity is you communicated with him again. You can invite him or her over lunch and talk about current job trends, just tell him that you’re researching at the moment, so as not to give away your real purpose for meeting with him. Ask for advice and you can ask him straight out later on about job opportunities he might have to offer or he could refer you to another employer that he knows personally.

Get back into the work habit

Volunteer on any type of job that suits you! It could be a love drive campaign for your neighbourhood, or help out with the garage sale and other things that will help you stretch your work arms and work legs for a change. It will help you prepare for when you’ll get back to the real job.

Get a mentor

If you have money to spare, you can hire a career coach to help you start over. Career coachesRalliedHR are like headhunting firms, except they work solo. They can get you referral jobs besides training and preparing you for everything, and you can get back on your feet quickly.

Stay current

Read up on latest industry trends and related news, so you can use that information to your advantage before submitting your job application. Find out companies that hire new employees in bulk and set yourself up with them. Remember to look for job posts that matches your skillset.